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  •  Time, where have you gone?

To say the last three months have been hectic and stressful would be an understatement. My life has been pretty much turned up side down and I’m still in the process of restoring order to it.


The main reason why I’ve been so delinquent posting on the blog is because I had an insane deadline to meet with my last project car. The photos below represent the finished product but for a closer look at how this car came together and all the blood, sweat and tears I put into this car check out my build thread here:


I hope to get back to updating this site a bit more often but don’t expect anything like it was a year ago, when I was posting a couple times a week. I just don’t have the time nor energy with my busy work schedule. I will however, make a concentrated effort to get content up as winter starts to really set in and I’m forced to hibernate inside my home.


This is what I started out with. A stock 1991 Nissan 240SX.



And in 2 short months this is the finished product.








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  1. Rick:

    Nice looking machine Peter! I read the thread, road trip looked stressful!

    Welcome back to Canada

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