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  • New Years Post – A month later

Albeit 30 (or more depending on when you read this) days late, this is my first post of 2012. Life has become a little too hectic for me to keep up with fresh and interesting content on this site and still produce the quality of work I need to at my day job. I hope 2012 will bring more opportunities for me to get some posts up here, especially since I’m back in my native land, Canada. I’ve made it a goal to get some photos of this country since I’ve been immersed in posting content from the ol’ USA.

To start things off, I had a pretty great time at a friends cottage for my New Year and happened to bring along a camera for it. The video below summarizes the weekends events.



However, since the frames fly by pretty quickly, I thought it would be great to provide some explanation as to the events happenings.


The card game ‘Uecker’ is a popular choice during any northern getaway. There happened to be a massive tournament that broke out during new years eve.


To spice things up, certain rules were added to ensure people would keep drinking. Oh and there were some good festive costumes on hand as well.


Sometimes cards would end up flying through the air…


And people’s eyes would wander, ok just kidding I’m sure Michelle is looking at something other than Dustin’s cards but I couldn’t help but chuckle at this photo.


Here is the wrath of being dealt a bad hand.


That’s the face of a champion…after taking a shot.


Aside from the cards, an iPad proved valuable. It’s no replacement for a real chess board but when you don’t have one it’s a suitable alternative.


Then there’s the pinball machine, a great game that has ate many a peoples hours in search of the ultimate high score.


Chinese ping pong (don’t ask me why it’s called that) is a great game that involves a group of people running around the table hitting the ball back and forth. Miss the ball or hit it out of play and you’re out.


The Ice Luge isn’t much of a game but a great way to have a cold shot.


This large slab of ice was hand crafted but truth be told, a lot of time was spent making it for the small amount of drinks that poured down its icy path.


A walk in the great outdoors is refreshing and rejuvenating especially when you’ve been cooped up inside for a while.


The dog probably loved it the most.


The cottage’s Canadian flag has seen better days, here it is being retired.


It may not be a California sunset but it’s still just as beautiful.


Dinner is a feast to behold. My friends are all great chefs so we end up having a spectacular New Year’s Eve meal.


It’s a rare moment when everyone is focused solely on their food but this picture captures just that.


Now that’s what you call a burger!


Shortly after dinner the festivities began.


As everyone partied inside we went out to the fire pit to ignite the piles of wood and cardboard.


Some gas helped the cause and using fireworks as our ignitor, the fire roared to life. The images below show the firework about to strike and we have lift off!


Burn baby burn!


We still had plenty of fireworks left to light and what better (or I should say worst) way to light them off then the raging fire.


Firing it out of your hand is way cooler then sticking it into the ground.


Fireworks are something I could play with all day long, apparently the same goes for my friends.


As the fire began to settle, we realized it was almost midnight.


Rushing inside the clock struck midnight and the champagne began flowing with hugs and handshakes all around.


There’s about 2-3 hours that I don’t remember nor do I have photos from but at the tail end of an early morning a rather amusing or cruel, depending on the way you look at it, game broke out. Sting pong. You play a round of ping pong and the loser gets to smash the ball at the opponent.


Some walked away with only a couple war wounds.


While others weren’t so lucky.


And that just about sums up what all went on, a great new years was had which means that this year should prove to be a great one.

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